Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My daughter the foodie...

A week or two ago I realized something about my daughter; I figured out what her hobby is. Of course she dances, but I don't really consider that a hobby for her, it's more of a lifestyle/passion. I think those can be different things. I guess I think of hobbies as something more casually approached; the excitement is the same, but the pursuit is a little more laid back. I determined that she is a foodie. Technically I stated that her hobby is the pursuit and photography of boutique food experiences, but I think most people refer to that as being a "foodie". I felt that my description better explained the activity, but to simplify I suppose I'll use the term that was given back to me when I came up with my observation.
We had a variety of food adventures last week, from food truck night at the park to a new cafe called The Garden Table, it was pretty great. We even celebrated National Doughnut Day with a visit to General American Donut Company. So many food adventures and her camera was with her at every one of them (sometimes more than one camera).
The habit in action at General American Donut Company.
Food truck Thursday with The Flying Cupcake.
Saturday morning at The Garden Table.
Acai bowl at The Garden Table.
The lady loves food. It makes her happy. She also loves photography and nutrition. She's been this way since she was tiny (not so much with nutrition, but eating and taking pictures has always been a big thing). So here is to clear cut, well defined interests and unique hobbies. I'm not sure I'd know what to do if it were any other way. If she weren't like this I might never leave the house (#shemakesmeleavethehouse). You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram. Her feed is like a highlight reel of sites around Indianapolis.
"The Fault in Our Food Coma"
I've taken to documenting the whole thing. Her friends describe my Instagram feed as the "behind the scenes" of her's. I've explained to her that:
1. I am photo documenting her life.
2. This is my contribution to photo journalism.
I think we work well together.


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