Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye to the Best Boy Ever

Holding hands
This fuzzy little man crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. It was very early in the morning and we were with him when it happened. He lived to be over 19 years old and during his last week he had lots of cuddles, scratchies, porch naps, and cheese. I think he was a happy little man. We met when he was 6 years old and spent the next 13 years together. He was very vocal, loving, and demanding. He was really great at training humans.
I had never actually seen anything die before and it simply wasn't peaceful the way it's always portrayed in movies. It was terrible to see, but I am glad we were with him. We held him and talked to him until he completely let go.
I miss my little spoon, cuddle buddy, companion. He got up with me in the morning, greeted me when I came home, went outside when I went outside, and went to bed on my chest every night. The house is quiet now. No one is begging for cheese or lying under my feet. It's sort of lonely and strange.
I know he was just a cat, but I miss my little fuzzy man.

Nest making while waiting on me to finish taking a bath.

Taco night
I love you Whiskey Kitty.

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