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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Milk Paint Party Cones

I just submitted a tutorial to Cut Out + Keep. I will let you know when it is available. For now, here are some pictures...


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cyanotype Photo Printing

Hello! I just finished reviewing a Jacquard Cyanotype Set. That means that I got a sheet of instructions and 2 black bottles of dust. The instructions provided were concise, but included links to a website that had more information and helpful tools. I've been interested in "blue printing" for a long time, but I've never had any experience with it until now. The only thing I think I've ever seen are those sun sheets that come pre-treated. My daughter did those at summer camp one year.

Anyway, I got the set and I was intimidated, but excited. So I started working on all my pre-print stuff like picking an item to make, deciding what kind of image, etc. I'm not going to go over the whole thing here because it will be up on Cut Out + Keep, but there was an emotional craft fail along the way and I changed the original project. Initially I was trying to do a men's shirt refashion and that just did not happen. I am still planning to do the refashion at some point, but I'm not sure if it's the right item to combine with a cyanotype print.

I had a minor craft-tastrophe followed by crafter's remorse and then I pulled it together. I took some time to think, salvage my work, and move forward. Beyond all that though, this is a process that I think should be explored more. I've thought of a lot of possibilities for cyanotype printing, most of which would require greater skill with the process than I currently possess.

Unfinished panel from the tutorial

Test Samples


The first print that I exposed was large and once it was processed, I discovered a lot of mistakes. After I looked at the first exposure, I started over, but I added test pieces to experiment with. I discovered that smaller pieces of fabric were definitely easier to work with. That probably should have been obvious, but some how it wasn't. I was much happier with my test pieces than I had been with the first attempt I made. I have some more fabric cut and treated so I think I am going to back to those eventually and see if I can correct the first mistakes.

In the lace print example above I used decorative packing tape. I would like to make a pattern using this and find some other prints. I'm thinking I could also use painter's tape and create a striped pattern. The palm print is from a section of the photo negative I used in the first exposure. I wanted to make sure that the problems I saw in the image had to do with the way I had coated the fabric and not because I had a bad negative.

This photo is of the samples again, but also includes a piece of fabric that some of the mixture dribbled on. I was looking at the "water mark" on the fabric and started thinking that the chemicals could be used to create a gradient painting or even a tie dye type of print. I am not a painter, but my husband is so I'm thinking I'll give him what I have left of the sensitizer so he can experiment.

So what do you think? Have you tried any of the other uses I've suggested? 

sun exposed

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My daughter the foodie...

A week or two ago I realized something about my daughter; I figured out what her hobby is. Of course she dances, but I don't really consider that a hobby for her, it's more of a lifestyle/passion. I think those can be different things. I guess I think of hobbies as something more casually approached; the excitement is the same, but the pursuit is a little more laid back. I determined that she is a foodie. Technically I stated that her hobby is the pursuit and photography of boutique food experiences, but I think most people refer to that as being a "foodie". I felt that my description better explained the activity, but to simplify I suppose I'll use the term that was given back to me when I came up with my observation.
We had a variety of food adventures last week, from food truck night at the park to a new cafe called The Garden Table, it was pretty great. We even celebrated National Doughnut Day with a visit to General American Donut Company. So many food adventures and her camera was with her at every one of them (sometimes more than one camera).
The habit in action at General American Donut Company.
Food truck Thursday with The Flying Cupcake.
Saturday morning at The Garden Table.
Acai bowl at The Garden Table.
The lady loves food. It makes her happy. She also loves photography and nutrition. She's been this way since she was tiny (not so much with nutrition, but eating and taking pictures has always been a big thing). So here is to clear cut, well defined interests and unique hobbies. I'm not sure I'd know what to do if it were any other way. If she weren't like this I might never leave the house (#shemakesmeleavethehouse). You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram. Her feed is like a highlight reel of sites around Indianapolis.
"The Fault in Our Food Coma"
I've taken to documenting the whole thing. Her friends describe my Instagram feed as the "behind the scenes" of her's. I've explained to her that:
1. I am photo documenting her life.
2. This is my contribution to photo journalism.
I think we work well together.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Place Cat Here

My friend designed a shirt and then it went viral. The shirt money goes to a fundraiser he's doing for a program called Family Reach. He has cancer and he's doing this fundraiser run before his third surgery to remove cancer.

Photo from Place Cat Here order page
Anyway, cancer sucks, people are doing important stuff, makin' an impact, blah, blah, blah. Buy a shirt. Do it here:

 cat shirt wearing, 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vegan Quiche

Hello! We just finished the spring performances at the ballet school and it's been a very busy few weeks. I'm not really sure if I was coherent the entire time. All I remember is the driving, some crying, and lots of food. So. Much. Food.
Athena the ballerina as a swan with Smart Water accessory.
First, obligatory photo of adult size child in costume. I haven't ordered my photos yet and this was taken quick while she was running backstage. This was her second weekend of performances. The week in between had some rough moments. One of these moments resulted in me making quiche for the first time, late at night after being gone all day and making two trips to the store... Oh, well it all worked out.
The recipe for one somehow made enough for two.

The quiche I was replacing had broccoli filling.
One evening last week the Lady came home to find that her quiche had been eaten while she was out. This was more than she could take at the time. I went to the grocery and purchased the ingredients to make a new quiche (after looking up a recipe). I think I follow directions, but I overflowed the first pie shell. I decided since there were two shells and excess whipped eggs, I should make a second one. What was I really going to do with a frozen pie crust anyway? I sauteed some chard and kale for the second quiche. Normally I wouldn't buy a pie crust, but it was 11pm and corners were cut. It seemed to turn out okay. The quiche smelled great, but I don't eat eggs so I'm not sure about the flavor. It looked right (if that helps at all) and my family ate it willingly.

The photos are from my phone and taken at night. This is what happens when you don't think you're going to be doing things, but then you do them and decide to put it out in the world. Everything in the kitchen photographs just a little extra yellow at night. (Conjuring up horrifying images from Martha Stewart's food Tweets.)
Vegan Quiche
 Mr. Husband and Miss Lady eating quiche all week made me hungry, but I don't eat eggs. I decided to make a vegan version. It could definitely be prettier and I'm sure next time it will be, but it tastes okay. I think I could have added more water or something in order to get a smoother filling for the crust. I used a recipe from PBS.org. It was very simple and involved most of the same ingredients used in tofu scramble.
I was hungry. I didn't wait for it to cool and firm.

A view of the cut away section.
I just read through the quiche directions and I can tell you what I did wrong. Do you see how it looks layered in the photo above? That was a mistake not a preference. I forgot to stir the blended tofu with the cooked vegetables. Oops. I'm sure the flavor is still basically the same, but I would have preferred everything to have been blended together. Not skipping that step might have helped it to fill the pan better. This time I made my crust using the same recipe as before with the pot pies. It's a really great non-vegan recipe and I just sub out some of the ingredients.

Last thing, I follow a blog called Annie's Eats. I've been following awhile and sometimes I will veganize a recipe. I was at the farmer's market on Saturday and I saw a woman that I thought had to be Annie from Annie's Eats. It was her, but I did not speak to her or tell her that I follow her blog. It seemed too weird. Is it strange to be a blog groupie? I'm torn.