Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Failing and Flailing

This blog is somewhat failing at being about craftiness and I'm almost certain that no one reads it. This is all kind of okay, but what do people want to read about? I just helped with a movie. It was a 4 day shoot where everyone worked purely for the love of it and the experience. It's an independent short called "Thank You For Calling Information Dynamics". It's a dark comedy that should be making the indie film circuit next year. It was fantastic. It made me realize that I can get up and do a 16 hour day when I'm doing something I love. I already thought this, but it was confirmed. I do art department stuff and this time also a little wardrobe.

Of course, this was a great creative high and now I'm in the back to everyday life low. That's the sad part of it. I'm currently questioning just about everything about the direction I'm going in (insert Josh Rouse song). Oh, being an adult just isn't what i thought it'd be...

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