Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've been trying to sleep more and it has been unsuccessful.  Before that though, there was another installment of experimental/ practice baking (1 small decorating syringe was lost in the process), another show was entered and a piece was started, and I finally grabbed materials to make something that I've wanted for a long time.

I took my first stab at truffle making.  I did great things with the filling.  It came out very tasty and I think the texture was even right.  I did not do so well at coating truffles.  Um, it's messy and easy to destroy those little balls AND, it's hard to make little spheres in the first place.  I did learn though: Candy is more difficult than baking.  I would benefit from the purchase of a thermometer.  Don't use chocolate chips as chocolate coating and how tempering chocolate makes it magically work as coating.  It sounds a bit difficult, but I don't know from experience yet.  I haven't had a chance to purchase a thermometer and proper chocolate so I'll be revisiting truffles later.

 This is why you aren't supposed to use chocolate chips  as coating.

These are the truffles that sort of turned out.  They aren't quite what I was hoping for.

My first sandwich cookie.  They are ginger with lemon cream cheese filling.  These are what broke my little decorating syringe.  My baking tip of the day:  Don't buy the $5 Fox Run icing syringe.  Mine broke after the first use.  I do plan to get a sturdier decorating syringe though.

Vegan Tiramisu Cupcakes
These are very yummy and messy.  I substituted the liquor in the recipe so mine have an extra caffeinated kick... it's the kind of kick that keeps you awake all night.

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