Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I hate glue webs.

A small portion of the glue strings.

It's going ever so slow, but that's probably because I'm tired and not making pinatas a priority.  I've gone through 3 glue guns in the process of pinata-ing (and I've created a few new words).  The first glue gun I used is high temp and functions just fine, however, this isn't a task suited for a high temp glue gun.  After multiple finger tip blisters, I made my way to the craft store in search of a better option.  The original tutorial says to use white glue, but I didn't think that would really work for me.  I got excited about the Cool Tool cordless glue gun and I bought it.  I had it for a week before I had a chance to use it.  When I finally got to it, I realized that it's a great idea, but not a great product.  It's possible that I just got an individual one time bad glue gun because everything else I have from AdTech works just fine, but proceed with caution when buying a cordless model.  I used it for a few hours and decided it wasn't going to work.  I got up the next day and decided to make an exchange (remember not to recycle packaging prior to testing... oops... or you might have a painful exchange with a retail store supervisor).  This time I went with another AdTech product, the dual temp cordless gun.  It isn't a true cordless model.  It can be used for up to 5 minutes without a cord, otherwise you have 6 feet of cord to wiggle and that isn't much but it works.  It's fabulous and I held onto the package this time (until I decided to keep it).  The annoying thing about any glue gun though, is the spider webs that cling to everything.  I hate them.  I'm not sure if I've ever done this much hot gluing, but the strings are abundant.  I could probably make a glue stick out of what's on my floor.  Ick.  

Oh, well, the zig zag, or as the hip kids say, "chevron" pattern is fairly easy.  I read about the experiences of several other people who used the same tutorial and they wrote about struggling with creating the pattern, but I think the key is to keep the paper strips skinny (no more then 2"-- I started with 2.5" and the half inch made a big difference).  The Oh Happy Day tutorial is great, but there's always fine tuning and tweaking so a project can work best for the person making it.  I'll probably go into detail on this later.  --I KNOW,   How long can she possibly post about making the same damn thing?  We will find out.

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