Monday, April 30, 2012


We've all seen it... the resurgence of 90's style popping up out there.  I took my daughter to the mall and I told her it was like going back to childhood.  I'm into it, but I'm not sure for how long.  It's nice to visit some of style's past, but I'm not really into putting a lot of money into it.  Also, if you've read here recently, you know that I'm searching for a color palette to suit my summer and my honeymoon (not sure why, just feel the need to match my destination).  Anyway, Urban Outfitters has a lot options and a lot of them are over priced. Stussy and Shepard Fairey are back and that's great, but not $30+ a tank great so I decided to go thrifting and get the same look for less.
Thrifted Tee--Didn't recognize the brand, BUT it had the right look.

So, this one of 3 items that I picked up tonight.  It's thin with a graphic print like a lot of what I've been seeing.  I like some of it, but not enough to commit to the price.  Mostly because the quality looks a little low and I'd rather not spend that much on a tank top.

This is the result of my super fancy re-style of this shirt.  The original shirts that inspired the remake aren't hemmed or anything and neither is this one.  I used my fabulous Gingher scissors, a few pins, and the iron to get it all straight.  I took out any major wrinkles, pinned the seams together, and eyeballed my cuts.  It only took a few minutes and now I like it so much better.  It satifies the void I was feeling in my summer wardrobe.

I got another shirt tonight to attempt a second budget-friendly re-make, but that one is a little more involved.  I hope to get to it by this weekend.

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