Friday, June 22, 2012


The wedding is 3 weeks from today and recently, I introduced myself to Bridezillas via Netflix.  That behavior can't be normal and why would you take on new projects 5 days before a big event?  Anyway, that isn't the point.  The thing that I have noticed is that the brides in the episodes I've seen find it very important for everyone to see them and want people focused on how they look.  That really isn't my goal.  I want to look nice and have nice pictures.  I want to be appealing to Future Husband, but what I want people to see is the decorations.  I want to create an environment and mood through a visually driven experience; add in the music and food and we can bring along the other senses.  I think of the wedding as an opportunity to create a large scale art installation.  I'm not sure if that's good, bad, or normal; it just is what it is.  It isn't my day to be a princess.  It's a day to celebrate everyone we know and mark Team Merry-Miller as going official.  There is no perfection and that is fine.  The amount of decorations will have no bearing on the wedding happening or not happening, but if there's an opportunity to make fun things, I'm going to take it.

Above are pictures of my dining room table.  It hardly ever sees food, but it does get a lot of traffic from cutting mats and glue guns.  There are 160 tassels now and I am closing in on my goal of 200.  Pre-fluffed and trimmed tassels on the table and finished pieces on dowel rods.  The fifth pinata is silver, white and grey and most importantly, close to completion.  I am working to control my "just one more" impulse when it comes to DIY's.  If I would quit doing that, this would be it for projects (except that i decided to make three chalkboards and cut some fabric).  I'll work it out.

I will have so many tutorial posts starting at the end of the summer.  I hope you enjoy the photos until then.



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