Friday, July 27, 2012

Evolution of a Closet

Okay, I have a secret...  My house is mostly cute, but my bedroom is a mess.  I have a weird basement bedroom with a hole for a closet.  When I first moved in the closet reminded me of a fireplace.  Why would I ever put my clothes in a fireplace (other than to burn them)?  So, my clothes were rarely ever put away.

Bad photo, but you can see how it might be unpleasant.

It was hunter green.  Nothing else in the house is hunter green (happy about that).  It's also made of cinder blocks and drywall.  I forgot to take a photo before I started painting.

After some paint; not great, but definitely better.
A coat of white paint did wonders for the pit-like closet, but can you see that fabulous hanging system?  It's a wooden dowel rod on what appears to be a couple of large curtain rod holders.  It does not run the length of the closet (probably 1 foot or more of unused space) and it starts to bow when all of my clothes are hung.  I went with this system for a while...  Okay, I left it for a year, but now  I'm sharing this closet and I'm over it.  Earlier this week I realized that I don't have to "work around" this I can just tear it out and start over!  Woo hoo!  Why did that take so long to realize?

A proper closet rod.  Aaaaahhhhh...
This is at night and it's dark in there so most of these photos are not great, BUT dang look at all that space!  The clothes actually fit in there now!  I even think Mr. Husband will be able to hang his clothes.

Adding shelving too!
I even bought a shelving system to contain my shoes.  I couldn't finish hanging it though because the drill died and I can't find the charger, however, I think this is the proper solution for my less than ideal space.  I also think I'll put in a floor shelf, but I'm sure if I'll be able to use something we have or if it makes more sense to buy one for this space.  I'm still organizing and trying to utilize as much as I can.

 Not done , but so much better.


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