Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini-Moons - Pre-Honeymoons

First, why is it called a honeymoon?...  Found it!  I won't be taking one of those.  I'll just vacation.  

So, I'm putting the weirdness behind me, but the word "wedding" still feels dirty right now.  Also, during my time of newly wed contemplation, it occurred to me that brides don't do housework, wives do.  I'm serious though.  If you are doing the wedding (or whatever you call it) yourself and you work, have a child, go to school, anything, there's simply not enough time to do everything and that seems to be the easiest thing to let go.

Anyway, we don't leave for our actual vacation until August 7th.  We were planning around another schedule.  It turns out we didn't need to wait, but now everything set and not switchable.  Oh well, mini trips until then!  We took our first mini-moon last weekend.

We went to Clifty Falls State Park.  There are around 10 trails and 4 different waterfalls.  We only went to one, but it was hot and took a while to get to.  Given Indiana's current drought, I'm surprised that there were waterfalls at all, so woo hoo!  Not only was it my first trip to that park and first waterfall experience, but it was also our first bed and breakfast encounter.  It was good.  We stayed at the Iron Gate Inn with Steve.  Steve lives there.  Also, I love my Aura Que bag more every day.

Good times,

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