Thursday, September 27, 2012

Faux Collar and Other Stuff

I jumped on the faux collar wagon...

..and it felt good.
I'm not sure why I finally took the leap, but I think it had something to do with seeing some super pointy, super silly, kitty cat greatness popping out of a sweater.  Ooooooohhhh, they're wearing cats.  I should wear cats.  So I'm on it.  I haven't sewn a collar yet.  Right now I'm doing the type that come in pieces.  My favorite pattern so far is the one above from Honestly WTF.  I'm working on some patterns of my own and hoping to do some sewing collars this weekend.

Dino collar- I'm wearing this one today.
Finished collar in brown leather.
I took out all of my scraps and went a little crazy.  I even made one out of stiff felt (not pictured).  I have a leather painting experiment in the works at home and this was a great excuse to finally buy a leather punch.  The original directions call for a button and ribbons.  I used a bead on the brown one and a metal chain.  I also didn't sew my buttons, but instead held them in place with a twisted jewelry wire.  This method seemed to work best for me.

This was a very craft-tastic weekend.  I finished my Halloween costume , took in a custom Etsy order, and I made a 'farmer's market style' pizza (best pizza ever).  I love fall/ Halloween.


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