Monday, December 30, 2013

Tiny Cakes!

Have you seen these?

This image is all up in my Pinterest.
How can you not see these?  They're all over the pin boards.  I fell in love with tiny cake. Then I looked at the recipe and thought maybe not.  They are pretty and sparkly though so I decided to practice cake decorating on tiny cakes.  Some results were less than fabulous, but...

Made with supplies on hand, yeah, I know, everyone has edible glitter, pompoms, and confetti hanging around.
 It finally worked!  This is not the recipe used on the website however, just a white cake.  I also do not own a mini cheesecake pan like the directions say to use, but I have a set of biscuit cutters.

It took a lot of cake to get this far.

Fun Fact: the topper was made from metallic tissue sheets cut into strips and wrapped on a pompom maker. Just add washi tape to finish.
These will definitely be my birthday cake next weekend.  I'm going to use a vegan strawberry cake though and a variation of pourable fondant.  I did print the Celebrate Magazine freebies today and I might use those too.  They're nice, but I might have to do some embossing to add extra sparkle.

So there you go, something as seen on Pinterest actually did turn out.


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