Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Wrist Brace to Statement Cuff

Hello!  I still have tendinitis.  Which means I still have a brace.  Well, I have a brace to wear indefinitely and I'm sure I paid an unreasonable amount for this accessory.  Since I have to wear it though, why not have fun with it?  I can pretend it's a bracelet and since it's big, it can be a statement cuff, right?  It works.  I mean, people decorate their casts so why not their wrist braces?

The materials; oops this was an after though photo (my brace is already bedazzled).
 I chose to go with black and gold studs.  You'll need a brace, studs (mine weren't silver so I liquid leafed them), jewelry pliers, utility knife, marking pencil, and if you want a different finish, liquid leaf, and a paint brush.

I had metal studs that I purchased years ago (Ms. Merry is a punk rockeh).  All the studs were silver though and I wanted gold. I counted out the amount of studs I would need and painted them with 2 coats of liquid leaf.  After they dried, I placed them on the brace and marked where to cut to attach them.  These studs have prongs on the bottom that fold over and grip the fabric so you'll need to make a little hole to pop the prong through.  You can use a tape measure to get everything exact or you can just eyeball it.  I measured a little and then it just started doing it's own thing.  So I started to  lay the studs out and mark where the prongs hit so that I wasn't messing up and cutting extra holes.  Use the pliers to bend the prong over and hold the stud in place.  That's it.  If you want to get even more fabulous and fancy you can use some glitter tape (as seen in the photo above).  This tape came out of the Target dollar aisle and it actually sticks to the fabric really well.

Boom!  Statement Cuff.
Of course, why stop there?  Do your nails and put on some rings.
X's and O's,
Tendinitis B


  1. This is an aweosme idea! Dystopian-punk injury insulator. haha

    1. It's definitely more fun than a "brace". Thanks