Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So much food!

I have been doing lots of baking/cooking. I don't really cook meals (unless it's breakfast) and I don't exactly do dinner dishes, but I've been experimenting with making instead of buying. It certainly isn't saving any time and probably isn't saving much money. I can't say it's costing extra either so I'm probably breaking even. I do believe we're getting a better quality product and I'm learning some things. I was also feeling the presence of a food rut and that wasn't so great.

I'm getting good at granola bars. I've been using 2 recipes so far. This one is baked and this one is not. The baked recipe is not sweet on it's own. The flavor is nice, but not sweet. The second time I made them I added about a tablespoon of honey and that worked well.

Most of the recipes I've been looking at include the use of a food processor. I don't have one and I was trying to make everything work without one, but... It wasn't so great. Over the weekend I broke down and bought a Kitchenaid Food Chopper (that name is confusing to me).  I had been looking at them online and the color I wanted was on sale at Target. I have appliance weakness.

So cute!
Yay! Hopefully this will make my bake/cooking easier. I got it home and used it immediately to make a pie crust.  I've made pie crust before, but never like this. It's my best crust so far, but I'm not sure if the new appliance has anything to do with it. 

Hashtag pie
These are the veggie potpies we made. I always end up with a little extra crust. In reality it's probably for the purpose of making a decorative edge or maybe I'm just rolling it too thin. I make silly embellishments.  I should add that my food chopper is too small to make the pie crust the way the recipe says to.  I make it in halves (or 1 sheet at a time) and that works well.

Wheat tortillas
The weekend before, during life without a food processor, I made some wheat tortillas. These were very easy. They just take up kind of a lot of space when making. That weekend also included some mediocre veggie burgers made using the blender (I don't recommend it) and mostly successful vegan meringue cookies.

I've been in a cooking mood lately. Have I finished my daughter's bedroom yet?  Not so much, but I'm going to.


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