Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cupcak Time Again

It's that time; October 10th is cupcake time. This year we got a little more fancy with towers and layered colors. Instructables featured a how to for rainbow cupcakes and it seemed perfect to try for a 9th birthday.We also decided to make a tower. Throught the magic of paper covered, re-purposed, recyclables, we got this:

I call it the "Leaning Tower of Beiber". It doesn't actually lean, but the centers are a little offset and the photo is angled. There was no theme other than anything she thought of to use or that we had on hand. So there were pirate, Spongebob and heart cups, all types of sprinkles, a few custom picks, and some ice cream cone candles. The picks were made using toothpicks and color prints. The tower is an old box, empty cans, and scrap paper. I guess it was okay for a rushed first attempt.
(cupcake directions)
(tower directions)

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