Monday, June 27, 2011

My Blog is Neglected...

It seems that I can't manage working and writing at the same time so once I get busy with something, the blog is neglected.  Since it's summer now and my daughter is at her vacation home, I've moved outside of the house.  I'm still slowly making my way through the indoor space (say when the weather is bad), but I'm waiting for work to be done in the bathroom and some other things so the inside is currently creeping, but it's also in a good place. 
Last year I lived in an apartment and I built a bike.  This year, I'm doing a lawn.  I thought I would do a minimal amount of things to the area  this year, but I've jumped in and sort of gone crazy.  I entered a makeover contest and I didn't make it, but here's a link to my  entry.  I've decided to leave the album up and update on my progress.  In my mind I have grand plans, but in actuality I think what I'm really doing is basics.  The goal is to have an end of summer move in party and a birthday party in October.
So far this summer, I've had the worst poison ivy of my life, discovered freecycle, and the that you can get free things from Craigslist.  How did I not know this?  My friends told me and soon after I started bringing in loads of supplies and decided to just "go for it" with a lawn plan.  I live in a rental, but the landlord gave full approval for make overs and improvements when I moved in.  I warned him that big things might happen (I can't ever leave anything alone).  I thought my budget would be prohibitive, but I'm discovering that if you are determined, it is possible to network, scavenge, and recycle and entire landscape.
Photos and updates to come...

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