Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dream A Little Dream of Me...

Currently, I dream of being a blogger (I was going to type "online" in front of blogger, but that's redundant isn't it?), paid DIY'er, artist, at home type.  Waking up and planning out my day.  Receiveing products to try.  I would have to be far more organized and better about updating though.  I would also have to figure out how to enable ads and everything else.  I also assume the people who do this have other incomes coming in, right?... Maybe?  Perhaps I'm just trying to justify my reasoning for not taking a jump and making a shift?  Or maybe it's just fun to try to imagine the jobs of others as being more fun than yours. 

More important than this... My sweatshop is down.  The main machine is not functioning properly and I can't figure out why.  It has something to do with the hand wheel and tension... maybe.

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