Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take a Look and Maybe I'll do a knock off

A poorly lit full view of what's been done to the cabinets so far.  Be sure to ignore the dirty dishes.

The light is better here and you can see the happy rug.  Oh, you can also see that I was missing a flag when the picture was taken, oops.

I haven't had a chance to paint all of the handles yet, but this is what they will look like.

So that's the kitchen, but I have no idea what to do in my bedroom.  I ordered a rug.  I was excited, but then I received an email that my order had been canceled; the rug was no longer available.  So the search is back on and I'm just not sure.  These are amazing and so is the price, but not in a "wow that's really affordable" way.  However, earlier, I saw this tutorial and I got and idea.  I was thinking about DIY rugs and the rug that I had ordered was printed canvas.  Why not make a canvas print knock off of the stamp rug?  My idea is too take an image of the stamp, modify it in a photo program and print it on transfer paper.  I'm planning to use drop cloth fabric and do a sort of stamp collage so I can get the size I need.  This is all just an idea for now.  I'll let you know how it actually works out when I do it.

Do you know of any nice affordable rugs?


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