Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ADD and the Bunting Madness

I approach most things in life in ADD fashion and this is probably because I have adult ADD.  So with the move and the decorating, I don't think I've truly completed one room yet.  The house has various levels of completion and some of them are very close, but nothing is 100%.  So most recently, I abandoned most other things and moved on to the kitchen.  I made curtains, but this meant there was a week or more of nothing on that set of windows.  Maybe the neighbors saw something interesting?  Anyway, the old curtains were too small for the window, but the new ones fit and have pieces of the old ones.  I used some kitcheny-cooking fabric.

This is the main fabric of the curtains.

Using foody fabric in the kitchen makes me feel very Simpson's-esque.  So now I'm cartoony.  I combined this fabric with a large red and white polka dot print ruffle; this made me feel sort of circus like, but I think it comes out kistchy. (Can I add a 'y' or other silly ending to anything else?)

Corn!  I have cupcakes, but it so reminds me of this.

The kitchen is old (let's call it vintage).  There is a wall of windows opposite a wall of cabinets.  The other walls are appliances and doorways.  I guess it's the intersection of the house.  Anyway, I put up these colorful curtains and a big wall of white was across from them.  It didn't seem right and I wanted to bring more of the color into the room without loosing the nice clean white.  So, I brought in my bunting madness.  Lots of mini bunting is lining the cabitnets in loops.  I also decided to take the old black handles and paint them bright red (pop!).  I didn't stop there though; the curtains need a little extra pizazzle-dazzle, and then why leave out the doorways?  I think that might be where it ends, but I'm not done yet.  I haven't transferred my photos yet, but they're coming soon.

The bunting madness is holding.  I made a goal immediately after the move in to put bunting and/or garland in every room.  Instant happy.  Instant pretty.  Everything looks like a party and for some reason, pennant style bunting, makes me think of summer.  So the kitchen is some sort of festive explosion of kistch.  I just realized though that I haven't thought about how the bunting madness will incorporate into the bathroom or the hallway.  I suppose I'll figure that out.  I'm about 9 strands, 100+ flags, and 6 varieties into my creating frenzy and I'm far from finished (you'll understand when you see the pictures and I'll probably do a handmade decoration round up of the finished house).

For now... look at these:

Pretty parties



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