Friday, July 15, 2011

Pin Me

I started a Pinterest and it's kind of neat.  Check out my bedroom ideas for my currently neglected basement room (more of a winter project since summer is seasonal here).

The room as it is now:

 This is what I'm running away from.

And finally, a small peek of the garden progress.  The second bed is built, but not installed.  My poison ivy came back with a vengeance (after 17 days of medication) and the heat index went crazy, scary, unbreathably high.  So, the frame is still sitting there after being built last weekend.  I'm hoping to get this in the ground and full of dirt this weekend.  I'm also participating in a 2 day yard sale though.  I VERY much need the opportunity to get rid of things, but I've never done a yard sale before...EEEkkkkk.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The invite to participate was last minute and the week has been crazy busy.

Hug, kiss, squeeze... xoxo...


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