Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So... It's still hot.

Hola!  I'm behind on this again.  I was sick.  I've had and still have systemic poison ivy (for 6weeks now) and the heat goes on!  So, I'm still trapped inside.  Heat and sweat irritate poison ivy rashes.  Extreme heat really irritates poison ivy rashes.  I've done more experimental cooking, purchased my first serious skillet, made small garden progress, and went back to working inside the house.

First the garden...

It isn't on its side anymore!  I got the posts in the ground and filled it with dirt, yay!  This bed has a 6" depth.  I transferred some strawberries into it, but that's it so far.  I'm hoping to have a fall crop from my garden.  If the heat ever goes... I can plant.  One more bed and a trellis to go.

Experiments in cooking...
I tried vegan waffles for the first time.  They tasted fine, but they were a bit chewy.  I ate them anyway and have been told that I should try the basic recipe from Vegan Waffle Party.  I just looked at it and it's very similar to the recipe that I used, but I'll give it a try anyway.  It was also recommended that I toast the waffles after making them to add to the crunchiness of the outside. 

I also made the most fabulous pancakes ever.  I used the Bisquick wheat mix then I added spices that would be used in chai (heavy on the vanilla and cinnamon).  I crushed some fruit and nut granola and sprinkled it into the pancakes as they were cooking.  YUM, super success.  Right now I have coconut milk in the refrigerator so I can try this recipe, but what to put it on?

Finally, back in the house...
This photo needs to be examined closely.  It is the stairwell in my house.  I took this photo (I think) to show the artwork that I hung.  I'm not sure if I have a proper before photo; this is the closest thing I've found.  Anyway, this area was not painted prior to my moving in.  The rest of the rooms were given nice, clean, fresh paint.  This area was dirty scuffed and scraped.  Also, everything was the same color and the color was BAD (think baby poo).  None of the photos I've taken (this one included) have really shown how awful the color was, but trust me.  This week's indoor project has been to fix this area up.  I'm almost finished painting (I ran out of tan on Sunday).  The color choices I made aren't anything exciting, but they match the rest of the house and the existing color in the house works really well with my artwork so I decided to keep it (plus there was some left over).  The door and the trim is all white now and I've patched the little holes.  I'm almost certain that sconce has to go and the lovely brown access panel is about to become a cutesy chalkboard.  After photos should be up in the next week or so.

So, I have a lot to finish and summer ends this weekend.  Eek!

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