Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hmmm, it's been a couple weeks and it's gone really fast.  School started for the Lady Bean and dance starts today.  There have been all kinds of things to jam into our schedule and to catch up on.  We have regular temperatures and rain again!  I still have poison ivy splotches (how is that possible?) and I'm back on 'mom duty'.

We had a record heat wave.  There were three weeks (maybe a little more even) of 90 degree or more temperatures.  That combined with the rash pushed me out of the yard.  I'm less itchy now and the weather is mostly back to normal, but my summer is over and my free time is nearly non-existent.  I've been looking at the yard, but not really in it.  There's still one raised bed to build!  I just anticipate that I'll have it in place before there's snow.  Eh...

I did paint the stairwell, but... I can't decide how to hang everything now.  I hope to have a breakthrough soon.  Anyway, here's hoping that I get the last of the plants in the ground, a third bed built, and the back yard seeded... eek, that's a lot!

I love this cotton candy stand.  It photographs really well.

We made the annual voyage to the state fair and this is what cherry flavored shaved ice will do to you... and your insides?

Also, I got a few old photos in my email.  My grandmother is the blondie.

xoxo, More content later

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