Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oddly Practical

I promised an update and I know there are 2 of you who might care...

 I added to my NYE decorations for my birthday party and I focused on the living room/dining room area.  I capped it off by setting up hot food and dishes in the kitchen and having a very clean house.  I felt that "Happy New Year" still applied since it was a new year of life.  This was sort of a trial run of what I'm doing for our wedding.  I got to see how space my streamers actually covered, how much tape it takes to hang things, and how long the helium in those balloons really lasts.  My friends refer to me as "oddly practical"; I think that was the word they paired with practical.  I'm not practical apparently because I spent a solid week of long hours on DIY decorations, but I'm not impractical because I used things from around the house.  I was told that straight up practical would be inviting your friends over.  Oddly practical is creating interactive experience out of items in the recycling bin and inviting your friends over.  I'm good with it.

Four types of cake; cookie, bundt, vegan, and cheese.
I lit those sparklers and I made some fabulous vegan red velvet cupcakes and my best vegan icing so far.

I also had party hats and pizza box numbers.  I did a lot of waiting for people to show up and then I sent them texted profanity.

There's a secret about this though...  something that I don't think my party goers considered...  and it doesn't mean that I love them any less, but...

The party was an excuse for the decorations.  I had a party because I wanted a reason to turn my house (at least a portion of it) into some sort of paper crafted experience, but then ya' know, I had to have someone to show it to.  I did learn a lot for my wedding installation and this experience did help me to further develop and refine some ideas.  I also had a great time.

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