Thursday, March 8, 2012

I need to bake.

That is all.  I am on the trail of the perfect (or at least most acceptable) vegan meringue.  I've come up with about 5 recipe options and I've knocked out two of them, sort of.  First off, maybe the sweet potato baby food method worked once, but I'm not sure how.  I can't even find the recipe now, but it never whipped properly.

This was all wrong.

Next I tried a recipe using soy protein powder, however... I neglected to read the 'fine print'.  I was supposed to use a powder that contained at least 90% protein.  What I used was only 40% protein and it didn't bake quite right.  The centers stayed gooey.  They did whip and hold their shape though.  The meringues I ended up with looked a lot like the ones pictured on the website.  I went out and bought the proper soy protein so I'm going to try again.  I also decided to give a prepackaged mix a try as well.  I ordered Vegan Meringue Mix by Angel Food.  I've read good things so I'll let you know.  

This guy, is totally eyeballing me.

...and so are these...


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