Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Left Thumb

I'm just not certain that my left thumb will make it.  It's taken a lot of abuse lately and you'd probably be surprised to know that I completed a BFA in Furniture Design without any kind of "worth a mention" injury.  Am I being careless?  Am I working while too tired?  Or...  Am I the victim of a wedding related curse?

Recently, while wedding crafting, I was embracing the wonders of the rotary cutter and I rolled over my thumb.  Scary, but the blade was new (which translates into clean) and I wasn't applying much pressure.  The cut turned out to be not that bad, just a few days worth of Band-Aids.

 Anyway, it is good to respect the rotary cutter and it's slicing power.  I was re-labeling confetti poppers when I did this one.

This is what last night's episode looks like.  Once again, I was wedding crafting (a curse?) and my thumb tangled with a box cutter.

  I had the t-square out, my lines were drawn, my cardboard was ready to go, and apply force!  Get through that board!  Let's go!  Oh, wait, oh, my god, that's my thumb!!  Everything drops and I go running out of the room holding my hand and screaming profanities (well, mostly just one profanity preceded  by "Oh!").  Of course I couldn't find the right things to wrap it so I ended up with a big mound of gauze and masking tape on my hand.  The neighbor came over to give me an opinion on the need for stitches and I decided to wait until morning for the doctor to get in.  In this house we don't get those luxury, emergency room stitches (well, I don't, the Lady Bean would).  This morning though stitches still sounded kind of scary and I couldn't get a human on the phone at my doctor's office.  I did have my back checked today though and I decided to see if I could find any takers for the thumb while I was there.  I did and it looks so much better with the proper tools!  Also, no stitches!  Just weird yellow adhesive and things called Steri-Strips (tape for your skin).  It feels so much better now that it's wrapped tight.

To Review:

A chunk taken from my thumb via rotary cutter.

Immobilizing lower back pain while moving Future Husband's items into the home.

A slice through the thumb via box cutter.

Is there a wedding curse?  Hmm?  I don't know, but I have 17 weeks to develop a better theory.  Also, what does an artist/bride do when something like this happens?  She does her best to stop the bleeding and protect the wound, cleans up the blood, makes sure nothing important was stained, and keeps on cutting pinatas (while making sure her fingers are safely behind the aluminum straight edge).  Boom!

My left thumb during happier times.

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