Monday, March 5, 2012

Down, but not out

I am still sore from last weekend's mystery back injury, but I'm starting to move again and the boredom has beyond set in.  I forced myself out of the house on Saturday and completed the most important task of purchasing Poppy King lipstick; priorities.  Once I was back home for the day, I pushed forward with "Wedding Craftapalooza 2012".  Then I watched Hugo and gave into Prednisone induced junk food cravings.

On Sunday I pushed on with my crafty and mostly immobile self and I added a DIY that I had seen on Friday.  Here's how things are looking...

I'm ready to make the lipstick effort again and actually go through with it.

House of Earnest diy dipped spoons tutorial; my results.

The bridal head gear is FINALLY sewn in place as opposed to being an unwearable pin cushion.

And last for my weekend, I finished 2 of 5 M pinata bases.  I'm using a tutorial found here.

Oh. there's so much more...



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