Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Oh, so nice... and tall!

The sandals arrived last night and they are quite nice.  I had hoped for some cushion in the sole; there isn't any, but they fit well so they stay.

Centerpiece extravaganza

I am zipping through the centerpiece pinatas.  Number 3 (the yellow fellow) is complete.  The less exciting tan tissue for number 4 will get snipped tonight.  The pinatas will end up as Geronimo-esque pieces.  I still have tassels and glittered bobbles to make.  Look at this DIY; it's sort of what I'm shooting for.

Do you see the message?
And finally...  
This is where I've been sitting and working at night.  These are the tools I have been using (except for the Smarties-they were just sitting there).  I ended up going to bed while Future Husband was outside on the phone.  I felt kind of bad about not saying good night so I left him a message.  Unfortunately, he didn't see it.

And now to end this post by popping in a few more finds for my honeymoon wardrobe obsession:
(yes, harem pants)


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