Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Anthropologie Kudzu Skirt

I've been having extreme shopping urges lately.  I can usually get passed these, but it's been difficult recently.  The urge to spend is not a good thing when you are a single parent, paying for part of a wedding, and trying to get out of debt.  Spending tends to throw off the plan.  ARGH!  However, I can't stop feeling as if I need some fabulous, mood enhancing, site specific wardrobe for the upcoming honeymoon.  Do I need to graduate to better style post marriage? 

 We're going to Baja and I have this color palette in mind to go with the setting (well, at least to go with the pictures I've seen).  In my mind, the style is chic and flowing (in the light, warm breeze that I imagine to exist there ), it transitions flawlessly from daytime lounging to out and about evenings, AND it's effortless.  It's summer perfection and when I get back from my vacation to my small pseudo-urban environment, I'll be exotic and sophisticated.  Not too much to ask from a new pair of shoes and a couple of dresses right?

If you followed the links and/or took a look inside my head, you would see that the skirt above doesn't exactly fit with this vision yet I ended up with it.  How and why did this happen?  Urges damn it, urges.  It is lovely and it poofed just the way I wanted it to.  There was exactly one left in my size and it was priced at $39.99 which is far from the $148.50 tag that was on it when I first saw it on the internet.  However, this is what I was there to look for:

It's covered in bananas!

Unfortunately, this wasn't in the store yet even though the computer said it was.  It's lovely, BUT the fit could either be really good or really bad.

From purchasing the skirt and not finding the romper, Miss Bean and I continued through the mall (a place I rarely ever go) and I worked my way to stores that seemed more likely to be in my budget (unfortunately though, since I'm paying for a wedding and knocking out debt,  in reality, I don't have any budget for clothing).  Eventually we went home and that's when it hit me...  As I've grown older (I'm so old now!) and my life has changed (I can't really explain; it just gets different.), my tastes have changed.  I don't think I can handle cheap fabric and limited wear quality anymore.  It isn't about getting something expensive either, it's about having something that's better quality and if it's Prada from the thrift store, that's even better.

Hmm, is this about investment?  Am I investing in my quality of life?  Oooohhh, I see a trend happening; better appliances, better clothing, better food, improved relationships!  So, is this about age or marriage or both?  What sparks this transition?

Help me out with that,


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