Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation Brain

(Severely lacking photoshop skillz: I haz them.)

It's that magical time, 50 days before my wedding.  It's that time when event related nightmares return, works slows to a creeping pace, and I start to question whether this can be pulled off.  Did I find enough people to set up? (--No, not quite)  Did I reserve enough time? (--Maybe, but it will be very close and would be more likely to get done if there were a few more people) Is anyone going to show up? (I will guarantee a room of 20 people, but what I'm shooting for is about 150) I don't know, but other than my concerns, my brain keeps shifting to vacation land and all the things I might need to make it perfect.  Yes, I know about perfection and how it doesn't exist.  I also know about how the best is the enemy of the good.  I've researched and realized, but I also have my own version of imperfect perfection and it works just as well.

Vacation (honeymoon) will be 25 days after the wedding.  It was delayed because someone, Future Husband, signed up for summer school and our wedding is right in the middle of second session.  Anyway, after a hard reality check we decided that our trip and his grade would both fare better if we waited.

I'm  still fixated on having a travel/ summer/ post-wedding/ Mexican wine country wardrobe.  I also still have no reason other I can and it's fun.  It might make for better pictures?  Added sophistication placed upon me me by others simply by glimpsing my outfit?  The feeling of going on an urban safari?

Anyway, above is a collage of my current vacation needs.  I think I'm coming to the end of my list, but I still have 75 days to go.

There are a lot of great bags, glasses, and towels, but I just couldn't get comfortable with the prices of the a lot of the beach towels.  Fell free to take a look see at the others here.


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