Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I forgot.

I forgot to do my thing; my unannounced Friday thing.  I forgot to instantly gratify (the three of?) you with "Instagramification"... oops.  I'll do it now.

I added some little art in the kitchen and found a spot for the mixer.

Kale chips because our CSA share is full of kale and I wanted to try something different.

It looks like a little book with a rainbow/cloud machine.

Welcome back summer porch and good morning kitties.

The hat arrived and I like it.  I thought it was a fedora, but the brim is wider.

It's coming!  I wish we were as cute as our cartoon counterparts.
The quick update:
I got the hair into the garden and I actually touched it.  Ick.
I made wheat and herb baguettes.
I met with our friend/officiant/organizer (he's a one-stop shop) and day of event wedding concerns came up.  I have found solutions and future tragedy has been averted.  WOOT!
Had I remembered to do this Friday, it would have been garden pics'.  We'll do those too, but later... there's so much to share.


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