Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh, Em, Gee

Today's date smacked me in the face.  In six weeks, Future Husband will be husband or Mark, but he's already Mark.  Eeeeek!  Crazy.  Um, I keep mentioning this and counting down.  I'm not sure why; excitement, anxiety, fear, etc.  I also feel my wedding anxiety slowly creeping back in.  I don't have as much anxiety about getting married (that's what counseling is for) as I do about having a wedding and actually hosting an event.  There are so many things that I wonder if I'll forget and so many things that have to come together that I wonder how it ever happens, but I suppose it does; over and over day after day for many, many people.  With that said, I'd like to recommend 2 books.  The first one because it taught me that no matter what happens it all works and recalls in your memory as being perfect.  The second book I'm not finished with, but it inspired the author of the first book and is a history of the wedding industry and that seems like good knowledge to have.

 When I finally get organized again, I will have several tutorials from this experience.
 Here's one future tutorial as a project on Cut Out & Keep.

Now, this was Wednesday:
She told us that it's water ballet.

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  1. I thought it was very educational. I enjoyed reading about the history of weddings and where the so called traditions come from. I think it helped me to figure out our ceremony. I recommend it.