Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Currently, I am very distracted and a bit balloon headed with a cold.
Anyway, we got hair cuts on Saturday and discussed wedding hair (say it with a silly accent).  I said, "I'm thinking beehive."  Hair stylist friend says, "That's good, but...  My inspiration for you is Dolly Parton meets Divine."

Dolly in the 70's
Divine in Hairspray
More of the Dolly style with the absurdity and volume of a Divine hair style.  I agreed to this!  Also I know that David Tutera would totally cringe at this conversation.

Sacrificial bananas
Yesterday, I stayed home sick and slept late.  There was a fire while I was sleeping.  The bananas are real heroes.  Two tea towels lost, but no counter or human damage.  Thank you my potassium filled friends.

This post is absurd,

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