Monday, July 9, 2012

It's the final count down.

The last round of bits are finished.

This is it.  I'm finally tired of wedding blogs and done with Bridezillas marathons. The decorations are as done as they can be before being loaded up and put in place.  The food has been started and all the confirmations have been made.  Other than some meringues that just wouldn't work out, I'm done for a few days.  (I do plan to climb back on my stand mixer tonight and show those meringues who's who.)

  This part is kind of weird.  This part is waiting... I think.  We still need to clean the house for the birthday/ thank you for helping grill party, but that doesn't seem like much.  The house is little and only half of it actually needs to be clean for our at home pre-wedding bit. What to do?

Vegan dark chocolate sorbet, nom.

Maybe go on a baking binge?  I found this recipe for sorbet and I've already made it twice.  I've been substituting coconut milk for the water.  It's very rich and very chocolatey, but it keeps disappearing so it must be good.  Also, zombie musicals are good.

X's and O's,

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