Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Brain

I have wedding brain.  It is absolutely a real thing and it is making it hard to concentrate or focus on anything (other than obsessing over a nearly finished to do list and second guessing any decisions already made).  I had no idea I would be this way.
I've been enjoying life as a unicorn.

I have piles for miles.

Seriously, I do.  This is a pile of miscellaneous wedding decorations that are now complete.
I've decided that weddings need unicorns and woodland creatures or at least masks representing said creatures.  So, I justified a few last minute purchases.  The masks weren't expensive, but I usually do well at talking myself out of these kinds of purchases (unless it's Halloween season).  See the tablecloth in the lower left corner of the photo above?  That's where I took my color palette from.  I still have a few tassels left so I'm planning to go ahead and string them up this weekend.  Other than that the only things left to do are bake meringues, buy a few food items for Future Husband's party (he is turning 32!) and get married.  

Completely off topic, has anyone heard of The Musical of the Living Dead?  I just bought tickets.  There's a splash zone.




  1. I'm glad you commented on my post (sorry I'm late to notice) because your blog is wonderful! Those decorations are amazing!! I kind of want that unicorn head at my wedding :] Wedding brain is the worst :[ Have you ever checked out It's a life saver.

  2. I just saw this! Yes! I read the APW book and I thought it was super helpful. I can tell you now that I survived the wedding and had a great time on the honeymoon... and I managed not to be in debt over it.