Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newlywed Nesting

Hola, so I was a wedding planner, then a wedding panic-er, then a bride, then I had post nuptial depression, then I was an adventurer, and now...  It's almost time to be mom again.  School starts Monday and I seem to always tell my daughter that I'll have her room together before the summer ends.  It has yet to happen.  I've actually destroyed it and now I should put it back together.

A little over a year ago.

This was a great start and I had the best intentions, but the wallpaper didn't go any farther than this until yesterday.
Ha ha!  2 complete walls of pattern!

Now there are 2 finished walls and if 2 is not enough, I'm going to need more paper.  I've decided to counter all of my self indulgent behavior over the last 9 months or so (with the wedding and all-- Kids don't like it when you splurge on yourself and leave them to vacation.) by finishing/updating her room.  Of course, I've waited until the last week of summer and she'll be home soon.  So it's a sort of mad-dash makeover, but I've had it planned for so long that at least I don't have to plan it.  I just have to do it.
New side table to replace the one that was never there.

New shams to indulge her love of mustachios.
Tonight I will be off to buy new bedding and curtains.  Then it will be time for more cleaning and organization.  I think I'm saving some of that for her though.


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