Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween at the Cube

Hello!  It's 2012 Halloween season and I bring you....
Cube life
Washi webs!!  Add flocked 3D spiders (from Target) for extra fun!  Woot!
Candy bucket and ballet advertisement.

(No one knows this.)

I love transitional decor.  It's the best.  I also like to change up the space that spend hours upon hours in.  This year I wanted something a little more splashy for my work area, but easy and friendly.  I opted to washi tape (currently obsessed).  It's easy to remove, won't cause any damage, and affordable.  The spiders I have up are $4 a pack from Target, but I might make some more out of black paper/ felt/ foam.  Glitter anyone?  Anyway, I hope to decorate at home this weekend and I'd like to see your decorations too.


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