Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Hold-over

Okay kittens, I've been a time management mess lately. So please excuse my absence, but in my chaos I've decided to keep Halloween around for awhile.  This means I'm still making costumes and crafts. Eventually I'll move on to Christmas, but does anyone else ever feel like Christmas is a big holiday bully?  It's always crowding the others and overshadowing their presence; it always creeps in just a little too early.  Well, that needs to stop.  I also tend to feel like the general public doesn't accept an extensive Halloween celebration, but they'll overlook the overzealous celebration of Christmas.  Also, be honest, those light up lawn decorations have nothing to do with being good Christians so it isn't about being religious either.  The flashy holiday celebration is pure commercialization.  Just admit you like the pretty lights and presents.  This concludes my unscheduled rant.

Anyway, let's look at what's been happening during the great Halloween hold-over of 2012...

Life Aquatic Costume Pieces
I don't believe I ever showed you how the Team Zissou shoe DIY turned out.  I'm content with it and it was much cheaper than buying the actual shoes.

Spider web poncho
Next up is this poncho.  I have two versions of it going.  This is the one that I prefer.  The other is my first effort.  I'll finish them both and model it up later.  The poncho is inspired by this one I found while aimlessly browsing (aka collecting visual research).  It's out of stock, but it's also out of my price range.  I'll show you my version of this too when everything is finished.

Fancy Bat
Then came Fancy bat and the kitty cat attack on sewing...

Napping with the fabric.

Complicatting the fabric cutting.
Lining my fancy wings.

Making progress...
Occasionally, they got up and I was able to work.  At other times, they attacked my marking pens and my sewing thread.  The wings feel like a blanket and I suppose they'll end up being sort of quilted.  I cut the fleece wrong in the beginning so it became a liner fabric as opposed to a finish fabric.  Now my wings have some weight and will probably keep me warm (because you know when I'm dressed as a bat in December, I don't want to be cold.).  Tonight it will be on to pressing, top stitching and the addition of piping.  Oh, and I should also add some sort of closure.

Here's hoping for more organization and better photos soon (my camera is repaired and shipping back to me today!).

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