Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A couple of finished DIY's

Hola!  I finished painting and (almost) repairing the dresser (1 leg to glue!).  Here it and an ink stain are for you to view:

We're adding rugs... lots of rugs, but we also need to rent a carpet shampooer.

Do you remember this pin?  Originally seen on Poppytalk.
The process was fairly basic.  I chose a color swatch from Benjamin Moore that matched my bedroom and then I bought a bunch of samples.  I also labeled them according to the drawer that they went on so I wouldn't get confused.

Last week I was talking about the Jelly Planter from Angus and Celeste and thinking about a DIY version.  I did order a pink one and I have no idea when it will be here, but I do know where it's going.  Anyway, the jello tins I ordered came Friday and I went forward with my DIY. 
I love it!
I used some green cord that I already had and some Montana Cans flesh spray paint (also already had this for another project).  The plants are some from around the house.  This photo was taken in the living and the planter matches the wall, but the bathroom is white and that's where this planter is living.  I'm happy with it and I have a few more tins to try things out with.  I took photos for a tutorial, but I haven't put that together yet.  Once I work on it a little more, it will likely be available in my Etsy shop.