Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ah, Tardar Sauce!

I've developed an addiction and it's nerdy as can be.  I love Grumpy Cat cushions and looking at those little kitties.  They look so tiny compared to my kitty cat and their faces are so expressive.  I want to squeeze them, but they live in Arizona so I'll just continue to squeeze my own kitties.
I lived at Brooke's house once.  It was awful.
This is my new throw pillow.  I couldn't stop though, I ordered a couple more and I already know where they're going to live.

I will be calling this a throw pillow.

Something for the bed, to tie the room together.
I don't believe the kitty is grumpy, but I do believe it's very cute.

x's, o's, and kitty scratches,

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