Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Small Victory

I'll take it!  Little bits of home makeover victory make me happy.  Today I thought I was going to tackle the dresser painting since I went out and got paint last night, but instead today turned out to be "organize the new dishes day".  It's pretty great.  I have one super fabulously organized kitchen cabinet.  I was going to say after this the kitchen is complete, but then I remembered that I need proper spice storage (so close!).
Cup hooks = Fancy.  I promise.
The card in my camera wasn't working with me so I Instagrammed a photo for now (Will the cup hook people some day use it to sell their wares?).  Once I resolve my card issue, I'll work on documenting the changes that have been made to the kitchen.  I guess tomorrow will be a better day to paint furniture.
home makeover b

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