Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Inspiration

 I've been thinking of ways to convert the ceiling beam in the bedroom (which I think is actually a heating duct cover) into some sort of art work so it blends with the room instead of just seeming out of place.  I've had a few ideas.  One of them was to install DIY'ed limbs along the sides since I have an assortment of those in the garage and they were part of my original vision.
painted branches
suspended branch
The above are examples from my pinboard.  The outcome would be a mix of what's going on here.  I like it and I do want to use the limbs some where in the house, but I can't seem to stop exploring my options.

Antlers came to mind.  I do love vintage antler mounts.  There's just something about the shape of them that is absolutely great and today while I was browsing images, I saw this:
 Then I was convinced I had to have vintage antler mounts for the bedroom, especially since yesterday, I saw this:

itty bitties just waiting for a makeover
then of course, I needed more of these (doilies)
So, in a frenzy of ,"This is such a good deal and my DIY will be fabulous!", I hit the 'buy it now' button.  Now I must wait impatiently for the two to arrive.  I picture them hanging in a row across the beam with more fabulous and unnecessary garlands draped in between.  Now I suppose I have to finish painting the beam.  

indulgent b

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