Monday, April 1, 2013


This was the first time in 11 years that I didn't dye eggs and travel to my grandmother's for Easter.  The Lady Bean is in Disney World.  I got a text from her and she Instagrammed a picture from Epcot (not for me really, but for her 1500 followers).  So, Mr. Husband and I spent our first married Easter at home playing with our doggy house guest and working on projects.  He finished the garage organization, puppy chased a tennis ball, and I painted the kitchen cabinets... sort of a moment of spontaneous decorating (an outburst?).

Minty chalkboardy goodness!

and here is the bottom section

I decided the white on the cabinets was dirty and then I discovered that it wasn't just dirty, it was stained.  I thought it was probably time to paint, but the kitchen has been white for 2 years and the decor has been the same since I moved in.  The knife block on the counter was my cabinet inspiration.  I painted the block (and the brooms) a few months ago.  This is almost done, but of course all this green means that other things in the room have to change (the curtains, the red tins, the picture frames,etc.).  I'll be sewing and painting for at least a couple more weekends, but it's really nice and bright now.

Old kitchen remnants.

Once I got the cabinets going, I emptied the walls.  I had a red kitchen for a very long time.  Since moving into the house though, my kitchen has been transitioning and moving away from red.  Tonight I'm hoping to finish spraying the hardware and then I'll attack this pile to figure out what to do.  I hope to have the attention span to finish this before I start yet another thing.