Monday, September 23, 2013



I've been working on Halloween costumes and the Telephone project.  I also transitioned the porch to fall (it felt too early to do Halloween, but I am so ready) and started the course to become a certified Master Gardener (two classes in and I already feel behind, but I already know so much more about soil).  I've managed to watch a ton of Adventure Time and Regular Show through all of this.  Busy, anyway, here...

The start of my first yarn tail, thank you Deviant Art.  It looks as if Deviant Art is where it's at for cat tutorials.
Almost all the pieces.

Makeup test, but this isn't my costume so this was just kinda' to try it out.  I'm not so great at makeup/face painting.
Trying to find something that works for the lady because it is her costume and she hates face paint... non-committer.
 busy b

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