Monday, November 18, 2013

Currently on the table...

Lumpy and Lady the pumpkin couple

 Currently occupying the dining table is the makings of the Pierrot Pumpkin Family.  This is a three pumpkin family; they have a daughter called The Girl.  I can never stop the costume madness once I start and Mr. Husband brought home hundreds of vintage sewing patterns.  One of the patterns was a 1940's Butterick Pierrot.  That pattern combined with a Yahoo article using this image was the beginning of the Pierrot Pumpkin Family of three.

Lumpy had issues and that's how he became an irregular shape.  My first form was too heavy.

Lady is a bit more refined and had a much lighter form.
First Pierrot dress
2nd Pierrot dress (for The Girl)
I used the '40's pattern to make a dress for my character and a Simplicity pattern from 1980 for my daughter's character.  That Butterick pattern was confusing.  Better pictures to come.  I just located the memory card for my camera, but now I can't find the card reader so I've been Instagrammimg the process.

Before Paint

Mid paint job - roughing out the details.
I really, really love the creative process.  I love to see it documented and I love to hear how it works for other people.  Mine is very plotted, meticulous, and researched.  I still have one mask to build and 1 male costume to sew (Mr. Husband happily offered to be a girl if needed, but I want to try making pants.)

Check out Brother O'Mara.  He makes some great stuff.  Also feel free to check out my pin board for this project.

x's, o's, and pumpkin heads,

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