Friday, February 14, 2014

It's V Day!

Hello kittens,

This week I realized that it's difficult for me to organize a blog post when I am uncomfortable.  My tendonitis is aching, I bent wrong which crunched up my back, and then I had a root canal. Today though, I am starting to feel better. Woo to the who.

I meant to post these earlier, but it didn't happen.  I made some going away presents for a couple of visiting ladies.  I ended up doing simple brooches and attaching them to cardboard hearts.  I used hot glue and some brooch backs from Etsy.  The book flower was made using the continuous petal method and the green poof is another pompom made with a Clover pompom maker.  Supery simple decorative items that are easy to travel with.  Yay.

happy heart day b

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