Friday, February 7, 2014

Late night in the lab...

Barracuda ring set on Etsy from Evidence Jewelry
Alright, somehow I got all  obsessed with black manicures, pointed, nails, and knuckle rings.  I want bad ass hands that  look like this.  I thought I could start simple enough with some DIY chevron rings.  I followed this tutorial from A Pair and A Spare.
Photo from A Pair and A Spare
Her rings are nice and it seemed simple enough, but...
Crop top, Eastern star, and bra strap added for dramatic effect
It didn't quite work out.  Ummmm, all I can say is that wire is not my friend and I think the wire I purchased was to thick for me to bend properly.  I had to test my theory and I grabbed a different package of wire to see how that would work and then the wire was too thin.  It was a total Goldie Locks moment (this porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold...).  I'm going to call it a fail.  For one, that isn't even a V shape is it?  Aaarghh, I'm still blaming the thickness of the wire so I'll be searching for something in between the two tonight.  I will conquer this!  Or maybe I'll just make plain bands.

experiments in clay

I also got experimental with the air dry clay.  Trying out some gems.
Sized ring blanks from Etsy
This looks promising.  I have two pronged and sized handmade ring blanks from Etsy.  I can't think of how to make them work hold teeth so they get clay gems.  Oh, experimental times in the world of making; sometimes it gets rough.

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