Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pompom Wreath

Finished wreath
Hello kittens!

Awhile ago, I went crazy and bought every size of pompom maker available.  I made a huge amount of pompoms.  I used them for various things, headbands, garlands, etc., but I still had (and have) and basket full of them.  

During December I bought two of those super fab boxwood wreaths from Trader Joe's.  So... the Christmas decorations are still on the front porch and maybe the lights are still hanging.  The boxwood is all dry and crumbly now, but it's attached to a substantial wire frame.  I was looking through the Dottie Angel blog over the weekend, and dreaming of being able to wear an apron that well, when I saw a pompom wreath she had made.  I made my decision to use up my supply of pompoms to make a wreath as well.

I pulled all the boxwood out of the wire frame and made a huge mess while doing so.  This probably would have worked better outside.  So if you have one of those wreaths and plan to re-use it, this step is best completed while standing next to the compost pile.

Frame from the boxwood wreath
This is what I was left with.  I grabbed my basket of pompoms and heated my glue gun.  I left long strings on the pompoms I made so I used the string to tie them to the frame first, but then I made sure they stayed in place with hot glue.  I placed the largest pompoms next to the prong areas first and filled in from there.  I used my smaller pompoms to hide any visible ends of the wire once the curved sections were filled in.

I cut some ribbon and knotted it around the wreath.  Then I decided that I needed to tie in the red that was on my left over Christmas twigs (that have since become Valentine's decor) so I got out a piece of bakers twine and some red washi tape to make mini garland.

If you do not have a pompom maker, you can use another method like this one that is done with cardboard.  Additionally, if you don't have a wreath frame, you can cut a circle (or whatever shape you like) out of cardboard and glue the pompoms to it.

Okay, I promise to remove the Christmas decorations and clean up the porch.  If the polar vortex allows, I will then photograph my happy heart Valentine's twigs (Yay for transitional decor!).


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