Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sonia Rykiel Knockoffs

Sonia Rykiel 2011
I saw one of these Sonia Rykiel poms poms and fell in love.  Then I figured out who Sonia Ryiel is and saw the price of one.  Good for her, but no thank you I'll just use that money to pay the rent.

I couldn't get it out of my head though.  I needed some big, fluffy, blast of color on top of my head.  So then I found this blog with a tutorial.
A Pair & A Spare
I had decided it was something DIY-able and all, but I wanted to make sure that I was going to make my pom pom the best way.  I thought I was going to go with the cardboard circles method, but... the lady above used a Jumbo Clover pom pom maker and said it was fabulous.
So I bought a few and they are fabulous.  I'va made 3 different sizes so far and it only takes a few minutes few each pom pom.  I love it.
Little pom.
Tulle bomb on mah' head.

Oh the fabulousness and the instant gratification of perfect airy pom poms.  AAAhhhhhh...  I'm addicted.  I might even buy the small and the extra small makers.  So I will be plowing through all that left over wedding fabric and then maybe I'll move onto some yarn.
hugs and kisses and big puffs,


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