Friday, August 24, 2012

The mysterious potty of Hotel Endemico.

Earlier this month I went to Hotel Endemico.  It was truly amazing and there has been a definite buzz about this place on the internet and in the design magazines, but something was missing...  There were no pictures of the bathrooms.  I showed my mother pictures of the fabulous place we were going to stay and her first comment was, "Is there a bathroom?"  I was sure the rooms had private bathrooms, but I couldn't find a picture anywhere.  Really, no where.  So my self imposed goal upon getting there was to document the bathroom.  I do important things.

View of the toilet and shower from the sink.

View of the shower looking up from the sink area.
Looking back at the sink are from standing in the shower.
I was impressed.  The towels are over sized and fluffy and they smell like fabric softener.  The bar of soap is cut from a handmade block.  Our soap smelled sort of like cucumber.  Those skylights actually open and the shower head is the size of a dinner plate.  The entire shower area is covered with the nicest little square tile and there's enough room for two.

Yep, that's the tile.

This concludes my Hotel Endemico bathroom exposé .


  1. Thank you so much for this post!

    - Person with similar concerns

  2. You are welcome. We stayed there during the second month they were open. Our first unit had some plumbing issues (which we actually didn't really notice) and they were very nice about it. They gave us our choice of any open unit we wanted to move to, loaded us and our things and gave us some wine for our troubles. That place was wonderful.