Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Brain on Halloween

Today I am preoccupied by Halloween.  I like to start preparing early and then finish at the last minute.  It's my favorite.  That stuff is bigger than Christmas.
Mr. Husband as a cloud on Halloween 2011.
 I've been thinking of recycling this cloud costume that I made last year for Mr. Husband.  It's like a sandwich sign pillow.  There's also a headband and a couple of bolts of lightning (he's pointing one at the camera).  I really like the cloud, but I would have to go further with it.

Metallic silver Zentai suit
I need something perfect to go underneath that cloud like maybe some sort of morph suit-bodysuit thing.  Unfortunately, Morph suits have a big logo across the back of them, but Zentai suits don't.  So imagine me as a fluffy white cloud with a metallic silver body.  I'll have a face opening too because that just seemed a little better than not having one and it seemed a little more funny.

rain drops
lightning bolt
Then I'm going to need props; I'm going to make some rain drop garland and carry the lightning bolts.  My bolts are silver, but they are roughly the same size as the one in the picture.

What do you think?  I can't decide what to do about the feet though.  Should I have silly over sized white feet or something discreet?  Oh, decisions...


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